PEOPLE-POWERED INBOUND MARKETING Building a Team & Culture that Attracts Inbound Leads

Assemble the Team You Need to Achieve Business Growth.

IM_Team_eBook_LP_image.pngThis guide to cultivating an inbound marketing team focuses on the cultural and professional characteristics your company needs to attract inbound leads and turn them into paying customers.

Based on best practices from Weidert Group and other thought leaders in inbound marketing, this 25-page guide provides:

  • An in-depth hiring guide to specific inbound marketing positions
  • Sample job descriptions
  • Organizational management and HR advice, focused on building a marketing and sales culture that attracts inbound leads

Whether you're looking to build an inbound marketing funnel internally or if you're seeking out outside agency help, this guide will tell you exactly who you need onboard to achieve business growth.

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